Nerikomi is a technique of making a pattern log with colored clay.
When you cut the log into slices, you’ll see the pattern like as wood grain.

Design pattern

When preparing, I sketch the pattern I want to make. And, I think how to incarnate the design.


Calculate how much clay and colors I use. The quantity of clay depends on how many vessels I want to make.

For colors, usually I use 5% colored clay. Then if I want 100 g colored clay I need 5 g color powder.

I use a precision balance for this step.

Condition clay

Clay for Nerikomi should be softer than usual (with electric wheel or handbuild).

So I have to make it into little pieces and use not less water to condition it.

Mix colors

Color conditioned clay step. Usually I use colored clay called “color base” that contain 50% color powder.

It makes it easier to mix color powder quickly.

Make a pattern log

Make a pattern log depending on the plan.


When you slice the log, you’ll see the pattern similar to wood grain.


Some kinds of porcelain clay lets through the lights. I often make translucent dishes with them.