Tableware Festival 2018

Rock cup -stargazer- has been selected for Tableware Festival 2018. Place : Tokyo Dome Date : Feb. 4th 2018 - 12th Time: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Ticket: 2,100 yen

Slip Casting

Slip Casting is made from slurry clay with plaster molds split into 2 or 3 pieces. Casting. First, fill the plaster mold with slurry clay. Wait for 15 - 30 mins till the mold absorbs water from clay. Plaster has…


Nerikomi is a technique of making a pattern log with colored clay. When you cut the log into slices, you’ll see the pattern like as wood grain. Design pattern When preparing, I sketch the pattern I want to make. And,…


Hotaru-de (蛍手) means light of firefly.


“Light and Shadow”

Making ceramics with laying emphasis on “Light and Shadow” in Japan.

I like transparent glaze or non-glazing, prefer white porcelain clay to china clay.
Hope you enjoy the translucent colors and shadows cast by the shape.


  • Dec. 2017 : Selected for Tableware festival 2018 at Tokyo dome
  • Jan. 2017 : Selected for exhibit at Shibuya Tokyu Department store